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Here are some helpful tips I have come to learn how to do when my washing machine isn’t filling up with water as opposed to calling a washing machine repair man right away. First thing I suggest is double check the lid to see if it is sitting all the way down as some washing machines have a switch on the lid that will not activate unless it is closed all the way. Test the makes sure the temperature switch, timer and water level switch are working properly.

Make sure your selector switch is set properly and all of the control panel buttons are pushed in completely. Sometimes, this can be the cause and it is only minor thing.

Another washing machine repair tip is to check to see if any water is being used elsewhere in the house when you are attempting to fill it up. Take a look at the hoses to see if there are any defects or kinks and that the water is getting to the water intake hose. Next, check the pressure of the water tap and ensure that both the hot and cold taps are opened up. Turn off the tap remove the hose and turn the tap back on just a little to check and see if any water is coming through. If water is coming through, take the hose off of the washing machine to see if water is reaching the water intake valve through the hose. If you are not getting any cold or hot water make sure your cold and hot taps are turned on.

At the both ends of your hoses are screens used for straining and connect to the water valve, remove the hoses to inspect the screens and see if any are clogged up. If you notice the screens are quite dirty you can clean them up with a toothbrush. If cleaning them doesn’t work, you can easily have them replaced with new screens. If the screens are clean and don’t appear to be defective, take a look a the valve as this may need replacing.

To test the valve, set the temperature to warm and set the timer to fill, start the washing machine and lift the lid. With a screwdriver, hod the lid switch down to allow the water to keep filling up the tub. If there isn’t any water entering the tub or if the temperature is too hot or cold test the voltage for each solenoid valve with a volt ohm meter. The voltage needs to be between 110v to 125v. If the voltage is right and the valve isn’t opening up, replace the valve.

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